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Terminator: Salvation is the latest game about Terminators
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Terminator: Salvation is the latest game about Terminators. It is a third-person shooter that puts you in command of John Connor, before he becomes the leader of resistance against the forces of Skynet, a faction of self-conscious robots that want to annihilate humanity. The game takes place in the same period of time portrayed in the movie of the same title. Although the action takes different directions.

Graphically, the game is a masterpiece. Everything is done in great detail. Of special interest to those who love great graphics will be the cut-scenes. I have never seen so much detail in fast-paced sequences before. John Connor looks just like out of a Hollywood movie. Sound acting is pretty good as well.

The problem with the game is gameplay. Though using vehicles is lots of fun and emptying full clips of ammo at chromed robots is a blast, the artificial intelligence of said robots is non-existing, at best. You can cover behind a wall or traffic barricade with a Terminator 5 feet away from you, and the robot will not even try to get close to you. It will sit there, waiting for you to kill it. It makes me wonder how the robots managed to destroy the whole world if they can't kill a simple human controlled by me. And the lack of AI goes on during the whole game. It takes no skill at all to kill those robots, and that takes the fun out of it.

José Fernández
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  • Intense graphics
  • Great visuals


  • Weak AI
  • Too easy
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